Electrical Appliance/Cable Testing

APB Electrical – Basic Portable Appliance Testing or PAT test

Portable appliance testing (PAT test) requires visual inspection, various electrical tests with a portable appliance tester/PAT test equipment, and tagging.

Appliances used in all New Zealand businesses are required by OSH and electrical regulations to be tested according to the AS/NZS 3760 standard.

This requires a visual inspection, various electrical tests with a portable appliance tester or PAT test equipment, and tagging with a durable tag stating the testing company’s name and the date tested.

Any failed appliance will be labelled and must be withdrawn from service until it is repaired or disposed of at the discretion of the owner.

Appliances will be tested as per AS/NZS 3760 and include: any appliance or equipment connected by a plug and lead to the power supply where the lead may be subject to flexing or damage. This testing includes portable appliances, hand-held appliances, IT equipment, commercial kitchen appliances, extension leads and stationary equipment or appliances.


  1. a) The flex and plug will be inspected for any damage, ensuring it is free from cuts, fraying, signs of heating, or stress of the inner cores.
  2. b) The appliance will be inspected to ensure that it is in safe order, including ensuring that it switches on and off properly, the casing or cabinet has no damage that could result in access to live parts, ventilation areas are clear and all other parts are in safe condition.

Testing Cord Extension Sets and Power Boards: Earth continuity test at up to 10 Amps, insulation test at 500 volts or 250 volts, and polarity check at 40 volts.

More Information on Power Boards (multi boxes): The risk of fire is high when using a power board with no appropriate overload, particularly when used with high energy appliances such as heaters. All power boards must have an overload under AS/NZS 3012 2.6.10. AS/NZS 3105:2007 is the standard for all power boards and 4.5.3 requires an overload. For these reasons we fail any power board that does not have an overload.

A test tag will be attached to each appliance that passes. The tag will record the test date and other information.